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The impulse range is best described and meant to be exactly  “impulse”.The idea is to have the freezer displayed in high-volume human traffic areas and placed strategically so as to have maximum exposure and appeal to customers. Because of space constraints, the freezer carries limited stock and has a fixed and limited range. The freezer is regularly and directly replenished by Kulfi staff. So there is no need to keep track of stock or to place orders. This concept is highly successful at service stations, bakeries, convenience stores, cafes and supermarkets. However, freezers are given out on request, but depend on their availability.

Terms and conditions apply.


Refreshing fruity apple
flavoured water sucker    

Packed: 30 to a box


Crazy Candy

Lemon flavoured water sucker suroounded with swirls of raspberry, pineapple and tutti-fruity water ice

Packed: 20 to a box

Eeezy Freezy

Refreshing frozen water ice in a push-up tube in variants  of orange, lime or strawberry flavour.

Packed: 20 to a box (per variant)


Hazel flavoured milk ice cream enrobed with chocolate.

Packed: 20 to a box



Chewy bubblegum flavoured
milk ice cream   

Packed: 30 to a box


Crispy wafer biscuit sandwich filled with  variants of vanilla only, or strawberry and vanilla or chocolate and vanilla

Packed: 24 to box (per variant)

Kulfi Magic

Full cream ice cream enrobed with real, crispy, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate.
In variants of hazel flavour, or with
nuts, or strawberry flavour with ripple
(Strawberry Ripple) or chocolate flavour
(Chocolate Passion)   

Packed 15 to a box (per variant)


Condense milk flavoured milk
ice cream surrounded with swirls of
raspberry flavoured water ice.

Packed; 20 to a box


Cono Kulfi

Crispy biscuit sleeve filled with vaniila or strawberry milk ice cream and generously topped with nuts and chocolate.

Packed: 15 to a box (per variant)

Custard & Jelly

Custard flavoured milk ice cream with raspberry flavoured jelly inside

Packed: 30 to a box

Mint Crunch

Mint flavoured milk ice cream enrobed with crispy, mint crunch chocolate with caramel chips

Packed: 25 to a box

Vanilla Flakes

Full cream vanilla flavoured ice cream generously sprinkled with
chocolate, flake chips.

Packed: 15 to a box

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